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Welcome to LHE/BCI PTO

There’s no doubt that our schools are incredible and our volunteers help make that possible!  One of the most important characteristics of excellent schools is the development of a strong collaborative relationship between parents and school staff. Volunteers are one of the key elements in this partnership. Through your efforts, you will contribute to the richness of the school experience for all of our students and faculty.

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Volunteer Meeting

Lighthouse Elementary Volunteer Meeting
Friday, August 26th
9:00 am
Beacon Cove
Volunteer Meeting

Tuesday, August 30th
9:00 am

PTO Volunteer Coordinator

PBC District & School Policy is that ALL volunteers must:

  • Present a valid Driver's License that will be scanned through the Raptor System.

  • Register with the VIPS Count tracking system. This needs to be done on the school computer located in the front office of each school.

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