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Welcome to LHE/BCI PTO

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You are automatically a member of the LHE/BCI PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) just by having a child in attendance at Lighthouse Elementary or Beacon Cove Intermediate Schools.  We require no fees to be a member of our PTO.  We only ask that you support our schools in any way that you are able to make our children’s school experience the best it can be. Research has shown that the best way to ensure your child’s educational success is by playing an active role at their school. We encourage your involvement, whether it be through volunteering, fundraising, attending PTO meetings, joining a PTO committee, or participating in the many events and activities at our schools. 

We look forward to your support and involvement. We welcome you to a fantastic school year!

Together we will make a difference

What does Lighthouse Elementary & Beacon Cove Intermediate PTO do?


Some of the typical events that LHE/BCI PTO sponsors:

  • Meet the Teacher day(s) at LHE & BCI

  • Volunteer Breakfast

  • We Rock the School

  • Monthly Treats for LHE & BCI

  • Dine For Cash Events (monthly)

  • Fall Fun Fair

  • Teacher & Staff Experience Drawing

  • Teacher & Staff Appreciation Holiday Week

  • Sweetheart Dance

  • Boys Night Out

  • Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week

  • Volunteer Breakfast


The fundraising efforts of the LHE/BCI PTO and the Community as whole, help fund things like:​

  • Academic & School Enhancements

  • The Green School Initiative

  • Grade Level Gift Funds

  • Additional funding for classroom supplies, resources, and projects.

  • ...and much more

Online Uniform Store

The LHE/BCI PTO runs an online uniform shirt store.  LHE and BCI students can purchase uniform shirts, hoodies and socks. We run this store as a fundraising effort and as a service to our Pelican families. Thank you for your support.


Other PTO Programs:

  • Birthday Marquee

  • Business Partnerships

  • Dine For Cash 

  • School Supply Pre-order Kit Program

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